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Monday, May 30, 2016

Master Retreat

Over the past few months I have been working on our master retreat.  Our guest bedroom was empty so we moved our old bed and armoir downstairs to make way for a new one upstairs.  
The master retreat is much larger than our old one, so filling it appropriately is a task.  I must thank my BFF Amanda (Dixie Delights) for helping me along the way.  Though I know she loves what she does for a living, I think she missed her calling being an interior designer!
I started by ordering the Pottery Barn Chesterfield king bed with frame (in the same fabric as the matching sofa downstairs).   A quick trip to the outlets resulted in the purchase of the Pottery Barn Silk Channel bedding.  It is so soft & luxurious (let's just hope we will never spill on it because it is dry clean only - that's dangerous for anyone with three kids and a dog).   
The accent pillows are made with Robert Allen Neo Toile Cove fabric.  The fabric was chosen because it tied in with the granite and the tile in the master bath.  The drapes were a steal on sale!  We had the same drapes in navy at our previous house, so purchasing these in gray was an easy choice (Pottery Barn Appliqué Drapes).  
We have never had a sitting area before, so filling this area has been the hardest part (#firstworldproblems).  I brought up my mothers two bamboo chairs from the sitting room.  I'm still toying with the idea of having them covered in the Robert Allen fabric, or even painting them - but I need to be really sure before taking the plunge on changing them since they are special.  We also upgraded our 32 inch tv (which I could hardly see while laying in bed) to a 65 inch tv (which I can definitely see now - lol).  
I found this trunk as a floor sample up at our local Pottery Barn store.  I love that it looks like a trunk, but when you open it inside it is a bar cabinet.  
Still working on some additional touches to polish up the room.  I figured that if I waited to share until I felt it was truly done, that I may never get around to posting!   Hope y'all are enjoying your summer - That Southern Chick

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Change Up

So twice in the past week I have been reminded of a crazy adventure exactly five years ago when my twins filmed a movie!

First, I saw them in the bargain bin at Walmart this week:

Then, I saw them last night while flipping through the channels:

It then dawned on me that I never put the whole crazy adventure on my blog, so here we are!

It all started five years ago in August when a "former parent" (that is what I call parents of former students) contacted me about bringing the twins to a movie audition.  The call was so unexpected and I thought... why not... maybe one day I will tell the twins that I took them to a movie audition!  So after school one Friday five Augusts ago my husband and I took the twins to the audition.  They basically (barely) sat in front of a backdrop with a spatula in their hands for about 5 minutes.  They were only five months old.  I thought I would never hear from anyone and didn't think about the audition for months.

Well, three months go by and we were on vacation for Thanksgiving when our phone rang with a Los Angeles telephone number.  Out of curiosity we answered and we were invited to bring the twins to the set that coming week to meet the director.  What a surprise!  We thought they must have a pretty good shot at the role if they were invited to meet the director.

The day we were to go to set to meet the director was a school day, and I could not miss work.  My husband and mother in law took the twins to the set.  When they arrived they reported that there were about a dozen other sets of twins.  At this point, I thought our twins would never be chosen.  To my surprise, just a few hours later my phone rang and our kids were offered the role of the "hero twins" (that's movie code for lead twins).

At the start the filming was to take 9 days and the twins were cast as extras.  By the end the filming took 19 days and the twins had a principal role and SAG cards!  Someone on the movie set said it best... filming is the most fun you never want to have again!  It is a LOT of work and it comes with some CRAZY hours (especially when you have twins less than a year old).  I'm SO GLAD we did it, but we haven't done it again.  When the twins are older and they want to decide for themselves that acting is something they would like to do, I will totally support them.  But until then, we will enjoy our perfectly imperfect lives here in East Cobb.

Now for some pictures... here we are on set (so nice of M to take a day off work to help on set).
Family pic with director David Dobkin & best actor ever Jason Bateman!
Extended family photo with my mom & dad!
Lauren being entertained by that year's sexiest man alive (lucky girl)!!!

Love this pic with Luke relaxing in the green room!  We loved our PA's M and B!  They were the best!

We got to fly out to LA to attend the premiere!

Here we are outside the Westwood Theater as they set up for the premiere.  
BFF J flew in from Seattle with her husband.  They helped us get ready for the premiere, helped on the red carpet & watched the kids while we attended the premiere & after party!
Our tickets:
In the theater about to see the film for the first time!
They made the credits!
After party picture:
They even made a couple of magazines!

I still can't believe a simple email snowballed into a once in a lifetime experience!   For anyone reading this that has not seen the film - it is a HARD R (not for the kids).  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Home - Part 2

So last week I shared the downstairs of our new forever home.  I'm back this week to share the upstairs.  
We really love the roomy master bedroom.  We'd like to replace our queen with a king since now we have the space.  
We moved our favorite chair from the living room in our old house upstairs to our bedroom in the new house. It has been a lovely reading spot.   
My husband is enjoying our new dual Nests.   
I've longed for a place to sit and get ready in the morning.  I found this amazing stool at the Frontgate outlet!
My new corner soaker tub is one of my top three favorite places in the new house!!!
The new bench seat shower has been great too!

I'm so happy that I found a home for my Lily Pulitzer for Target beach chair - lol!  The closet has been great, and the breakfast bar on the right that my husband put in has been even better!
I'm over the moon for my daughter's room!   The bedding came from our old house, it's Lilly Pulitzer from Garnet Hill.  The bed was mine when I was her age.  
This print hung over my bed when I grew up & I love that it found a new home.  
We, of course, had to continue the Lily Pulitzer into the bathroom.  I love the print: Chin Chin!

The boys share a Jack & Jill bathroom.  We use the marquee letters as night lights.  

One of my boys has chosen a baseball theme for his room.  I enjoyed making him his custom baseball pillow on his bed.  My other son is in the middle of deciding what new thing he would like for his room, so I don't have any pictures at this time.  
I hope you have enjoyed my little home tour.  Thanks for stopping by y'all!  TSC

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Home

I am so ready to put 2015 behind me, for more reasons than anyone person should ever have.   2015 meant the loss of my mother, grandfather, grandmother, and my puppy-dog.  

I am beyond ready for a new year, and thrilled to be starting it in our new home.  After having our closing date moved back 18 days for various reasons, and dealing with having over $1400 worth of items stolen from our movers, it is hard to believe that all of that is behind us now and we have been here for two weeks already!  

I thought I'd share some pictures of our new home:

A big thank you to my dad who found our entryway table in Indiana.  It was to raise money for charity, which happened to be sold out of the barn on the property where he grew up!
i've spent most of my time working on decorating the main living space.  To say that I cleaned up at the Pottery Barn sample sale is an understatement.  The last two items I'm waiting on to make the room complete are a pair of lampshades and a beautiful new Persian style rug.  

Having such a nice kitchen has really made me up my game and making dinner each evening.  

My crafting empire calls this space home now – LOL!
We are enjoying having a walk in pantry, though solid wood shelving is definitely on the to do list.  

One of my favorite spots in the house is definitely the mudroom!  I'm truly looking forward to going back to school because for the first time everything of my children's has a home when we walk in the door.  

We unpacked in the St. Nick of time, and were able to host Christmas Eve dinner in our new dining room (our annual tradition with family).  

My old Lilly Pulitzer sunroom has now been downsized to fit the sitting room, and toned down considerably.  
Well that's it for now.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to try to blog more frequently.  Hopefully all of 2015's craziness is behind me and I can keep up with that resolution!  Next week: upstairs!

PS - I would be a horrible friend if I did not send a huge thank you to BFF Amanda for all of her help and turning my house into a home!!!